Journey to the West

First time travelling to the west and become a speaker in GNOME.Asia Summit.

Submit Talk

GNOME.Asia Summit last year in Depok, Indonesia I didn't submit a paper, because I helped the event as local organizer, but this year I had the opportunity to submit paper.

Ticket and Visa

I bought AirAsia ticket because it's cheap (Air Asia is budget airplane). It's easy to apply visa to India with e-visa. Fast and cheap, only $49.

Arrived in India

Arrived at 10 PM Delhi time. We (Me, Ahmad, and Miftah) going to campus by Taxi, we have a good taxi driver. He always like to talk, even he can't speak english very well. Arrived at campus about 1 AM and we have difficulties to enter because the guard didn't understand english, but lucky we have the good taxi driver, he help us. :D

Day 0

We're late going to venue because very late sleep. In the morning i'd rather shock cause the campus is so big and wide. From our room to the venue we need to walk around 5-10 minutes, cause our room is far from venue.
The workshop is cool, many participants like technically workshop, it's not happen in Indonesia. Cause my english is not so good, I'm kind of nervous if people want to talk with me, but yeah talk make me better in english, so we just chit chat with some "uh-yeah google translate", hahahaha.

Workshop Audience

Day 1

We came early to the venue, and we have to come to the Dean Room. It's make me kind of not feeling good cause I'm just wear a short pants, but it's okay. The opening is very good, we have traditional culture for opening event. It's great.

Opening Ceremony

Long time I want to try eat Indian curry, cause I've seen it in movie (Indian movie is famous in Indonesia) and it's looks delicious. The food and the drink are great.


Day 2

Second day of summit, the weather is hot but the summit is very interesting. I attend the class of Andre Klapper (Triaging Bugs Report), Iwan Tahari (FOSS in Metal Roofing Industries) and Tobi (5 Years of GNOME 3). And my talk in this day about FOSS in Indonesia Election.
It's great to have talk here and some people give their opinions and it's good, that's why we love to share.

day 2

Last Day, One Day Trip

Last day, one day trip. We're going to Agra to see the Taj'mahal. It's amazing, I'm not good with the words but, i'ts amazing to see Taj'mahal from close. We have so much wefie :D.

one day trip

Day of Going Back to Indonesia

Last day in India, we're going to Delhi in the morning by Metro. The metro is good, like in the Singapore. We're going to Indian Gate too.
extra day

Thanks for GNOME for sponsored my journey to GNOME.Asia Summit 2016 Delhi, India.

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