LibreOffice Conference Indonesia 2018: a Story

So here is a story from LibreOffice Conference Indonesia 2018 that i attended as committee, not really exhibitor and newlyweeds.

Before Conference

Actually a week before the conference me & my fiance just got married. So actually i am a bit busy to prepare wedding not really help much the conference.

Day 0

Day 0 on Friday was workshop with Andika Triwidada, he is the coordinator LibreOffice translator for Indonesian for almost forever :D. I am attend only for half day, after friday prayer me and friend going to explore the city because my time in Surabaya is very limited. We are going to Monumen Sura & Baya and to Taman Bungkul.

Day 1

Day 1 was the first day of conference. This day i need to pick up one of the keynote speakers, the one i picked up at airport is Italo Vignoli from The Document Foundation which is just attend another FOSS Conference. After we pick up we go to the conference Venue in PENS, the time when all of us arrive is around 11.30 so it’s the time for break and lunch. In day 1, the only talk that i attended was “Why So Difficult To Recruite Female Contributor To FOSS?” by Umul Sidikoh. And i helped a bit in some of booth.

Day 2

Day 2 was the last day of conference. My boy not feel good enough, so i’m a bit late to the venue. In day 2, I attended two talks. The first talk was “Monitoring SLA with Prometheus and LibreOffice Calc” by Didiet Agus Pambudiono from Dicoding, KLAS, and openSUSE-ID. On this talk, he gave many gift as quiz to participant. The second talk was “LibreOffice for Arabic Scientific Researcher” by Rizki Fauzi drom GLiBogor. It was interesting that we found that not only English/Indonesian Language using in the LibreOffice. Me, Moko and Sokhibi (photo by Rania Amina)


This is the story behind the conference. Actually i’m a bit forgot when we have the plan to have this conference, it’s before or after the GCompris Translation Hackathon. But as Ahmad Haris says we just talked about to create the conference a blink it’s happen. :D LibreOffice Conference Indonesia 2018 was the first and the biggest LibreOffice event in Indonesia and South East Asia nowadays, or Asia probably. So after met some people and old friend or some people who only meet only in the internet on this conference, we have some ideas and also good news, among others:

  • We had diner on before the day 0 at Rawon setan, this only attend by some people from committe and speakers like Eric and Franklin. It’s like a day that we meet and talk with old friends.

  • When had dinner on day 0, i’m eating on the table with people from local commitee and the volunteer. When the dinner i feel that the local commitee and volunteer is a bit shy so i try to talk and make some good stories.

  • Day 1 dinner, i’m not attend the commitee dinner. Me and my friend from GLiBogor dinner and share some love story, like how me and my wife married, and how the prepare, and how other love story. :D

  • Siska will lead KLUWEK (Kelompok Linux Cewek Indonesia).

  • The exhibitor probably will have booth again in iCrOSS 2018 on September.

  • Last but not least, KDE Indonesia Telegram Group.

I would like to say thank you to all commitee, sponsors, speakers, participant, exhibitor and all of you that supported this event.

PS: Find the photos gallery here.

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